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Protect Your Club

An SYC skin will help protect your clubs from chips and scratches which can cause damage and reduce the re-sale value of what is probably the most expensive clubs in your bag – your driver, fairway woods and hybrids.

Every golfer, whether you’re a pro that’s plays off scratch or an amateur with a 36 handicap, can relate to the frustration of ‘skying’ a ball or mishitting a shot that can leave scuff marks, chips or scratches on your club. Accidental collisions with other clubs or objects can also cause damage to your clubs that not only affects the aesthetic integrity of the club but can reduce the re-sale or trade-in value also.

In most cases your drivers, fairway woods and hybrids are the most expensive clubs in your bag and an investment you would like to protect. Using the same technology that is applied in car manufacturing to wrap vehicles and protect their paintwork, SYC skins are designed to act as a protective layer between the top surface of your golf club and your tee, ball or other objects. The skin’s vinyl will help safeguard your club from accidental chips and scratches, thus protecting the look of your club as well as its value. It is far preferable for any marks to appear on your skin which can be easily and affordably replaced, rather than on the club itself.

If you are a local golf club, a chain of golfing resorts, a club hire company or any organisation where others use the clubs that you purchase, SYC skins are an ideal way of providing added protection for the clubs that you hire out to golfers. This means that your clubs will always have the professional image you wish to be associated with and protect your investment at the same time.

In addition to the protective element of the SYC skin you can apply your course or company logo to the skin to further promote your brand and image.